Friday, 17 December 2010

This is my 491st  post, according to the Blogger Dashboard, so I shall endeavour to write something interesting at least every day until christmas. that way, I'll reach 500 by then. :) (yes, i am aware that that makes me one day short of 500, but miracles happen)

First off, my deepest apologies for such little writing spewing forth from this imaginative young head -- living away from my laptop for a fortnight more or less leaves me with very little ability to write, and using my boyfriends gaming desktop just isn't as inspiring.
My entire room is filled with things i could talk about, and I don't just mean the number of  mugs (empty or otherwise) sitting on my desk way over there in the other corner.
/leans around wardrobe and glares/

Is it sad that i'm as excited as i am over finding a soft case for my laptop? its probably not as difficult as i think it to be, but its taken me months to find such a case for the darling thing.
I need to name it. She's been through so much with me, I feel it is the least i can do.....
well, no, i lie - getting her a new battery is the least i can do, and come christmas, this will be so, and she can run on 4 hours of batteries, rather than 3 minutes.
and then.... she shall be called......... poppy, or gardenia, or something flowery like that.

yes, i think that would be nice :)


  1. hahaha... 3 weeks without a computer. Hell. What have we become?

    Good luck with the 500th post!

  2. How was Christmas? A post a day can be difficult. Early congratulations for when you hit 500. Happy blogging, Muttpuppy