Monday, 12 July 2010

When I drive at night, because of the routes I take, I'm more often than not the only car on the road in either direction, and it's so cold when the sun goes down, that fog begins to settle, and the asphalt steams, almost like its too hot to touch.The fog is gathered together, so it's denser in some areas than others, and driving through it looks like hitting a solid wall, but without the crunch of impact, and you may as well drive without headlights because they bounce off the fog so well, making it just about impossible to see past the nose of the car.
It really is a beautiful, albeit eerie, sight.


Talking to a friends parents is always an arduous task, as, it would seem, the novelty of taking a stab at where I live has not yet worn off after 6 years. Fact: I love my house, my land, my town - small as it is- and even though the commute can be annoying, i wouldnt trade it in for the world.
Only thing that stopped them in their tracks was mentioning (albeit a possible lie) that the land value has tripled. So SUCK ON THAT!! asshole.
I really hate it when people make comments about where i live, when that person isnt me. noone has any idea how much we put ourselves out so that living 27km away from the city isnt an inconvenience for anyone else. i mean, hell, i drive on average 500km a WEEK.
and am 600km overdue for a service. Guess where this weeks pay check is going.......   -__-
but i mean, its like.... if it was an inconvenience to go somewhere, i wouldnt. and i dont. thats why i love being on the magill campus for uni - its out of the way for everyone, but its closer than town for me :)
i have a nice house, a nice garden, and a nice nerghbourhood. so poo to you.


tomorrow will be interesting, catching up with some people i havent seen in months, one of them, years. Hes been in the UK and has just come back for a bit. this'll be very interesting indeed, cause he was always a bit of an unusual kid. hmmmmmmmm yay :)

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