Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A note to the smartarse roadrunners

Dear pedestrians,
As much as I applaud you for choosing to walk rather than take public transport or drive, I should like to kindly request that you observe the road rules.
'There are rules for pedestrians?' I hear you ask. Why yes, there are, and they're clearly marked with little red and green men.
Technically speaking, if the little man is red, not flashing, just solid red, I'm pretty sure i don't have to give way to you, seeing as red in western society, when seen on signs, means stop, also interpreted as DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT BUDDY.
On many occasions i have had to brake, sometimes with more force than should be necessary at 10km/h, to avoid from hitting some smartarse that's decided they can make a run for it through a small break in traffic. It isnt that i dont want to hit you, its that its such an inconvenience afterwards if i do, what with the blood and body and police and jail and stuff.
It would seem that common sense is used so infrequently, it's becoming a superpower. So why don't you behave like a superhero and use it against the evils of idiocy.

Annoyed motorist that is forced to embarrassingly stall her car to prevent manslaughter.

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