Monday, 21 November 2011

Bed Time

I find myself wondering why on earth I haven't yet gone to bed, when I can hardly focus, and I'm watching the news reel for the second time (or is it third?). Yep, it's the same as three hours ago.
I blame a recent history of unbelievably crappy less than average sleep, usually attributed to hayfever or the neighbours sons deeming it necessary to rev the bajeebers out of their engines before toddling off 600 metres down the road to work. (I'm not making that number up, by the way, it's actually 600m.), or wherever the year 12 kid goes since school's done.
Its to the point where I wake up before 8.30, just to avoid that kind of rude awakening.
Mind you, it's also not a nice feeling to dream that you are being choked from the inside out (go figure), only to wake up clutching your throat, trying to work out why you can't breathe.
I'll have some apnoea and swollen throat with my REM, thanks waiter.

I'm beginning to comprehend somewhat the sleep deprivation experienced by parents, and the value of a nice 8 hours of quality shut eye.

I've got an exam at 6.30 tomorrow night, so I'm hoping that tonight I'll get lucky in this sense, and have a night of glorious, dreamless sleep.

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