Thursday, 3 November 2011

Everyone has their bad days.

At this moment i'm waiting for my computer to finish installing a game, so what better time to write?
Possibly whinge.
I do that a lot, I've noticed. Oh well, better to do it consciously than natter on with no godly idea.

I coach softball at my highschool of a thursday afternoon. Being Australia, and being on the summery-end of spring, the sun has a bite to it. Naturally, silly people like me choose to spend the 90 minutes in a singlet top and no sun block. Clever one, Liv.
/Cue burnt shoulders and an excruciatingly obvious tan line -__-
 I like to be in the sun from 4.30 onwards - its warm enough to still build up a tan without actually burning, because the UV isnt harsh enough. (gotta love science)

HOWEVER, I'd just come from the city where I'd felt like I was forced into having lunch with my dick of an ex boyfriend before he goes and screws up his life in Queensland. I didnt really want to see him, but I was curious as to why on EARTH he wanted to see me. Surely not to have me try talk him out of it? Phht.
I was in an understandably perculiar mood after that. Weird mix of jumping for joy and being pissed. It may sound petty but out-of-sight-out-of-mind works mind-blowingly well in this situation, so I'd rather he be off the planet, but alas, interstate shall have to do, and anything B related puts me in a foul mood.

This isn't the best headset to go into when trying to herd 15 year 9 girls into the sun to stand around for an hour or so.
In the end, I didnt have the energy to lose my temper at them like I wanted to. I think they forget that I have more important things to do, like work, or ace my exam prep, but I choose to be there instead.

I like playing. I miss playing. Somehow I let work get in the way of that.

I envy those who dont work, who get to just go to uni. They are a dying breed, I fear.
Makes for a lot less stress. That'd be nice.

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