Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This Weeks Forecast

Wednesday: Cold with a chance of frostbite in the morning, warming to frustrated, mostly bored in the afternoon and returning to lonely later in the evening. Dinner unknown.
Thursday: Warnings for extreme confusion, probably due to a Statistics class late morning, but mood increasing with lunch from favourite cafe relatively soon afterwards. Followed by possible giggles, but has the potential to go the other way and turn into frustration. Dinner unknown.
Friday: Sleep-in predicted until mid-morning, art-related gusts of hot air turning into an extended stretch of both excitement and exhaustion in the early evening, which should last until around midnight. Dinner: Indian*

 *yes, thats right, i'm eating an Indian for dinner. but hey, after almost 3 days of unknown food sources, perspectives begin to change.....
Saturday: Early morning fogginess followed by several hours of insanity, possibly work-related. Evening forecasted to be extremely relaxing, possibly even lucky with the chance of a long hot bath. Dinner presently unknown but certain to be at a restaurant.
Sunday: Who knows yet, it's all a surprise apparently.

.... Did I mention it's my birthday on the 23rd? Hence the surprise the day before...

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