Monday, 23 June 2008


Right now, i have a girl that i can't get out of my mind. i do not know her all that well - i have yet to get to know her, but she is beautiful and unique, and her name... is Zoe.

Zoe, does not exist. In any other place other than my mind, she is imaginary, a ficticious character my imagination created.
Yet she is more real to me than anyone i have thought about before.

I have the need, the desire, to tell you about her, about her story, her personality, her thoughts. She is the main character of the book that is compiling itself in my head every day.

So, from now on, if a post has Zoe in the title, it is part of the ongoing novel i am determined to write, and someday finish... maybe even publish when i'm old enough... it is not always in order, infact, the first post is the end of our story...

So read, and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i do writing it.


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