Thursday, 19 June 2008


There really is nothing that can compare with a hug. the closeness of two bodies can be on so many different levels.
there is the hug of a friend: close on the top half, but still about a foot or two apart at the feet. then there is the hug of a lover: full bodied, feet in between eachother, close, intimate, blocking everything and everyone else out. the hug that says "i missed you", "i trust you", or "i love you".
There are so many different ways to hug someone. you can almost strangle them with your arms around their neck, or hold their arms and lean your body into them, or wrap your arms around their waist. Personally, my all time favourite is the bear hug, when someone completley envelopes me. if they smell good and i like them, i can stay like this for hours on end. it gives me a feeling of safety and security, the best feeling in the world if i'm having a bad day.

So jump on the hugs bandwagon today and show someone that you care about them.

Lu. xx

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