Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Over-inflated sense of self, perhaps?

I have, somehow, lost all motivation to do any kind of work. Given that it is only the second week back, and the feeling has already hit, I'm vaguely concerned. To be perfectly honest, I can't get my head out of "let's find a well-paying job" mode. Not surprisingly, the jobs in question require me to focus on my work, get it done, and hand it up. Study, at this point, is a means to an end. Wow, it's actually come to that.
Then again, my weeks currently consist of two language/writing courses, advanced research methods (I'd say stats, but it doesn't involve stats in the slightest) and an Intro level course in psychological assessment. This last one was meant to be the highlight of my semester but it turns out that, while important to know, it's also painfully dry stuff.
The research methods is looking to be the most exciting of the lot. This in itself is excruciatingly sad, as it has a reputation of difficulty and overall scariness. I suppose it makes more sense now, why I'd rather be out gardening, or watching the Olympics.

I've always been a huge fan of the Olympics. But four years is a long time in which to grow up and gain a few new perspectives. Not in regards to the games, mind you, but to Australia's media coverage of it. Granted, the time difference makes it harder, but all that is shown to those with free-to-air telly is the end highlights - there is no such thing as a whole game, and heaven forbid they show something that doesn't involve Australians. I saw Foxtel's coverage on the weekend - coming from a non-Foxtel household (its been  months and I'm still working out how to use the remote), my sports-viewing will never be the same again. Shame on you, free-to-air.
On another note, it's a little embarrassing seeing how hyped up it was only to watch the teams crash and burn at the hands of other countries that were, frankly, just better at it. It seems that somewhere along the line, Aus got the impression that we were a big-league player in the global field. We're not. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging my the country (my boyfriend does that enough for the both of us), I'm just wondering if this will be a reality check for a lot of people.
I suppose the mental shout of 'suck it up princess' may be considered a little callous. Then again, the devastation might have been lessened if it wasn't drilled in that all Aussies are going to win everything.
(can you tell I'm not much of a patriot?)

I'll leave it there for today simply because I could write for a few hours at a time right now. Some things are rarely done in the absence of attempting to procrastinate. This is one of them. Alas, there are books to read and notes to write.
Until next time.

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