Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I have a thing about whiteboards.
They excite me like nothing else, sometimes.

When I was in year 12, the study room had 6 computers one the far wall, a big block of tables put togather to make the Megatron of all tables, and a whiteboard next to the door, one of those 3 or 4m long ones.
It was my baby. I looked after the stuff on there all year, cleaned it, kept it neat.
There was a section with all the subjects people were doing, and all the assignments due for it which was meticulously re-written to keep neat and tidy, a section for drawing and random crap, which towards the end of the year, began to take up more and more space. I remember coming in and the little person someone had drawn had steadily been added on to by someone or other, until it took up 2/3 of the whole board.
If they ever find out i was the one who rubbed it off so i could do Legal Studies revision, I think they'd kill me. Should have taken a photo...

Despite being left handed, turns out my writing is actually neater when i use my right hand on the board...... go figure.


I discovered, to my dismay, that only one of the library study rooms has a real whiteboard in it. SmartBoards are the bomb now, apparently.
So, having booked this solo whiteboard-wielding room, armed with my own set of markers, i went in there to learn about parts of the nerve, brain, and other things from psychology. I ended up bouncing around the room, firing pretend lasers at the board, announcing, rather loudly 'take THAT, knowledge!!'
my friend and her sister just watched me incredulously.

Such is the life of an overexcitable uni student with whiteboard markers.

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